Lesson Plan

Subject: ICT
Topic: Introduction to creating Spread-sheets
Period: 4
Date: 20 May 10
Year: 10
Lesson #
  1. Indesign for beginners – pp.38
  2. Indesign for beginners – pp. 9, 10, 12

Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will develop an understanding of creating and managing shapes in InDesign documents.
  • Students will be able to set up the text boxes, type text into it and manipulate the text.
  • Students will also be able to insert an image into the document, align all the objects in the document as they refresh their ideas of using design principles.
Link to the Curriculum:
  • Technological Products’ – Students understand that materials/software can be used to form, manipulate and transform…. to enhance….. for a particular purpose
  • Technological Knowledge’ – Students design prototypes and evaluate them.

Expected prior knowledge:
Students will have already looked at the principles of design (aesthetics and function); this lesson could be a refresher at the beginning of a new project.

5 minutes

10 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

20 minutes

5 Wrap-up

Touch typing

Show how to
  • Set up document for creating guides

Setting a task for students

Recap/Inspiration for future lessons
Instructions for the tasks on the board

Students practice touch typing

  • Creating a document
  • Setting up a document
  • Discuss alignment

Displaying the importance of setting up a document for print

Students will
  • Set up a document
  • File > Document set up
  • Layout > Create guides
  • Choose Gutter 0 & 20 rows and 15 columns
  • Create a cross-word puzzle using rectangle draw tool
  • Create place holders and Import pictures
  • resize them and place them in alignment

Students will
  • Set up a document for print
  • Print the document