Lesson Plan

Subject: DMD
Topic: Constructing logos
Period: 5
Date: 21 May 10
Year: 13
Lesson #
Introduction to

Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will plan and design a logo concept, and communicate design decisions.
  • Students will be able to investigate logos and critique them.
Link to the Curriculum:
  • Technological Products’ – Students understand that materials/software can be used to form, manipulate and transform…. to enhance….. for a particular purpose
  • Technological Knowledge’ – Students design prototypes and evaluate them

Expected prior knowledge:
Used selection, drawing, and painting tools in Adobe Photoshop
Understand and incorporate image-optimisation strategies and file formats
Can identify aspects of redesign and its importance in the design process

5 minutes

5 minutes

40 minutes

5 Wrap-up

Design principles

Constructing logos

Recap/Inspiration for future lessons
Instructions for the tasks on the board

Discuss possible canvas sizes for logos. Typical sizes are 79 x 51 pixels (very small), 150 x 25 pixels, 125 x 144 pixels, and 243 x 103 pixels. Introduce how to create a new document in Photoshop and explain the options they can alter, including:
  • Document size
  • Resolution
  • Colour mode (CMYK, RGB, greyscale etc)
  • Background colour

Explain that each student will present three logos to the class and include the following in their presentation:
  • Their design decisions in creating each logo and their rationale for preparing the images for each medium (web, print, video), including the file type, size, and resolution for each version and situation.
  • Explanations of any changes they made during the review and redesign stage.
  • Allow students time to build their logos