Lesson Plan

Subject: DT
Topic: Excel Spread-sheets:
Period: 2
Date: 20 May 10
Year: 9
Lesson #
Introduction to Excel pp. 3 to 15

Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will develop an understanding of creating and managing basic spreadsheets using MSExcel.
  • Students will be able to set up the Workspace, document, adding and arranging pages.
Link to the Curriculum:
  • Technological Products’ – Students understand that materials/software can be used to form, manipulate and transform…. to enhance….. for a particular purpose
  • Technological Knowledge’ – Students design prototypes and evaluate them

Expected prior knowledge:
Students will have already looked at creating and managing documents using MS Word and PowerPoint; this lesson could be a refresher at the beginning of a new project.

5 minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

20 minutes

5 minutes

5 Wrap-up

Touch typing

Introducing auto sum

Practising Excel

Recap/Inspiration for future lessons
Instructions for the tasks on the board

Students practice touch typing – pp.27 & 28

Displaying how auto-sum can be performed:
  • Summing up values in a column
  • Summing up values in a row
  • Adding values to check the grand total

Students will
  • Set up a document
  • Enter values in the cells
  • Format the cells
  • Do the summing calculations
Check to see the Students have been able to -
perform auto-sum, format cells, put borders