Lesson Plan

Subject: DMD
Topic: Introduction to Designing Logos
Period: 4
Date: 20 May 10
Year: 13
Lesson #
Introduction to

Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will plan and design a logo concept, and communicate design decisions.
  • Students will be able to investigate logos and critique them.
Link to the Curriculum:
  • Technological Products’ – Students understand that materials/software can be used to form, manipulate and transform…. to enhance….. for a particular purpose
  • Technological Knowledge’ – Students design prototypes and evaluate them

Expected prior knowledge:
Used selection, drawing, and painting tools in Adobe Photoshop
Understand and incorporate image-optimisation strategies and file formats
Can identify aspects of redesign and its importance in the design process

5 minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

20 minutes

5 Wrap-up

Understanding the uniqueness of designing Logos

Design principles

Conceptual Logo Design

Recap/Inspiration for future lessons
Instructions for the tasks on the board

Show students examples of print-, web-, and video-based logos and discuss with students the types of design principles used in these logos.

Emphasis/contrast (focal point) & Colour
Balance / Alignment
White space & Repetition

Tell students they will be creating a logo they can use as an identifying element for themselves, for a fictional organisation.

Instruct students to select the person, group, or organisation they will create their logo for and brainstorm a set of words and goals that best describe that person, group, or organisation. Ask students to determine design principles they can use to evoke descriptive words as they sketch concepts for this logo on paper.